Monday, April 12, 2010

Fairies and Bubbles

Bubbles have long been associated with fairies, some traditions state that fairies are born from bubbles. Others say fairies love to rest their wings or play, by floating on bubbles. There are numerous pieces of  vintage art work featuring fairies on bubbles by artists such as Hilda T. Miller and Ida Outhwaite, and the tradition continues with today's fairy artists such as Jessica Galbreath, Amy Brown and Nene Thomas.  Which ever the case may be, blowing bubbles is fun at any age. So why not encourage fairies into your life by blowing bubbles!
Bubble Recipes:   Bubbles can be made with just water and dish soap but the addition of glycerine, found at most pharmacies, helps the bubbles to last longer and get larger by hindering the drying of the outside surface which makes the bubble shrink and pop.  Here are a couple of recipes for making your own long lasting bubble mixtures.
Homemade Bubbles
from Kids Domain Craft Exchange:

  • 1/2 (500 ml) cup dishwashing detergent

  • 4-1/2 (4.5 liter) cup water

  • 4 tablespoons (60 ml) glycerin (available in pharmacies or chemical supply houses)
  • Measure out the water, detergent, and glycerin into container with a cover and stir gently. The longer you let the mixture set, the larger the bubbles are and the longer they seem to last.
Ann Hallock's Recipe from the web site:
Ann says: "This recipe is a winner. It's easy to mix up--and inexpensive to boot. Stir together 6 parts water, 2 parts Joy dishwashing liquid (this brand works the best), and 3/4 part corn syrup. Store in a covered container. Try experimenting with a variety of homemade bubble wands: pipe cleaners bent into interesting shapes, cookie cutters, yogurt lids with the centers cut out, and so on. For a giant bubblemaker, cut off the top and bottom of a large metal can with a can opener and hammer the inside edges until they are smooth (a parent's job). Dip either end in the solution and wave through the air."