Monday, October 5, 2009

Halloween Fairy Costumes

It's that time of year again to celebrate the changing of the seasons and welcome the crisp autumn breezes and golden-ruby and amber leafed trees. It's also now time to prepare for this year's Halloween! Come experience that magic of transforming into a fairy.  We have fairy dresses, fairy wings, fairy wands, fairy make up and fairy dust too – all for you! Fairy costumes come in all sizes for the wee-ones in Baby size to Child fairy costumes, Teen fairy costumes, Adult fairy costumes, Mommy-to-Be fairy costumes and Plus Sizes too. There are fairy wings in all different  colors, sizes and styles for you to choose from.
Sprinkle some fairy dust, put on some fairy dust lipstick and nail polish, and add some fairy ears and fabulous eye lashes and you are ready to fly! While the veils during the Autumn Equinox is thin, invite these magical beings to your home, take pictures with your digital camera and leave sweet treats out for fairies and other small mystical creatures!

"Happy Halloween"

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Welcome to eFairies Blog


Welcome to our new and exciting Fairy Blog.  eFairies will post new and upcoming fairy products, information about fairies, interviews with today's fairy artists, and fairy stories.  Please visit our new and exciting Fairy Blog often, as we will be posting unadvertised specials and free fairy products just for you! We also are excited to post pictures we have received from our customers featuring how they have decorated their homes and gardens, fairy sightings and more!  Do you have a photo you would like to submit?

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My Magic Fairy Garden Pictures
from Camille, West Virginia

”Here are some pictures of the fairy garden. This has been so much fun! The fairies are wonderful and make me smile every time I look at their sweet faces. I look forward to adding paths, more plants and putting up walls…Thank you for such lovely products. I’m sure I will be ordering more in the future.” Camille

Creating a Fairy Garden

Fairy Gardens:
Inviting fairies into your home and garden can be a great project to undertake by yourself or with children. You can make it as simple or elaborate as you wish. If you have a yard you can start simple by adding a fairy door to the bottom of a tree or collecting items like stones, twigs, small branches, moss and bark and styling them into a small dwelling hidden in a protected place. (For great inspirational ideas check out our books Fairy Houses Everywhere, and Fairy Houses and Beyond by Barry and Tracy Kane in our Books & Videos Department.) You can plant flowers around it to attract the wee folk. Even if you do not have a yard you can create a small garden indoors in a planter using Irish moss and small houseplants. Try adding a small mirror surrounded by pebbles to make a little pond. Check out our fairy garden furniture in our Fairy Garden Furniture & Houses Department to find a wide variety of tables, chairs, benches and much more - all scaled just right to make the wee folk feel right at home.

Fairy Sightings

Fairy Sighting:

“While walking down a forested road one late afternoon, early evening, I kept seeing twinkling lights of different colors. From time to time I would stop and look around but didn’t’ see anyone or any animals. The forested road was quiet and serene as nature was exhaling from the warm summer day and preparing for night. I remembered I had my camera with me, so I took it out of my back pack and as soon as I saw the colored lights twinkle again, I took a picture - and lo-and- behold I captured a picture of a fairy!”.....Carmel, Washington State
Sending Fairy Pictures:
Receiving pictures from our customers really makes our day. Their creativity and enthusiasm and joy are contagious! Have you captured a picture of a fairy? Have you made a fairy garden or decorated your room with fairies? Have you been to a fairy party or gathering? We would love to hear from you and what you would like to say. Just e-mail us your pictures at

2. Fairy Facts:
Fairy lore has been found around the world from every continet dating back hundreds and even thousands of years ago. From Eskimos, to Egypt, from China to Chile, from Africa to Australia, from Native Americans to Europe and of course some of the most famous stories coming from the Irish, English and Scottish lands. The spelling of the name fairy, as you have probably seen, is presented many different ways: Fairy, Fairie, Faery, Fae, Fay, Feerie. But no matter the spelling, all are referring to the marvoulus little magical beings who have been on planet earth a very long time. In overview, our research of fairies indicates that the orgin of the name refers to “little people” or “little folk.” This would mean that the word fairy included fairies, elves, gnomes, pixies, dwarfts, leperchauns, etc. However, today, we use the word to refer to the elusive and mystical beings that mostly have wings, possess magical powers, and are dedicated to the care of nature and Mother Earth.

Monday, August 31, 2009

We now have a new line of Fairy Figurines made up of, The Dream Fairies and the Night Fairies. With wonderful attention to detail, these figurines range from 9" high to 5" high and have detachable metal wings. There are a total of eight in this new line of Fairy figurines. Many Night Fairies have wings that glow at night!

What are Dream Fairies? "We are the Night Fairies. During the day we fall into a deep sleep and are recharged thanks to the sun rays. They give us the power and energy to stand by the human beings when facing every day problems. When night falls over the earth and the sky, we wake up to fulfill our duties. Our magic is set free with moon and star light which leaves our wonderful wings and body. Only during the quiet of the night can we listed to the hearts of the people, and when they sleep, we can listed to their wishes, dreams, doubts and thoughts. It's our duty to accompany and help people, so they can realize their dreams."

Just arrived at are the new line of My Little Kitchen Fairies.The include five new darling holiday fairies for this years end set. They are all available now for ordering so, get them while they last... they sell very fast! The new Kitchen Fairies include: Spooky Halloween Moon Fairie, Little Pilgrm Fairies, Jingle Bell Shelf Sitter Fairie, Helpful Hliday Fairies and Snowy Hugs Fairie.

Flower Fairy Bath Sets
New to are the new line of Flower Fairy Bath Sets. There are 6 new beautiful sets in all with the Flower Fairies art work adorning all the packaging, both on the outside and inside of the boxes. These beautiful new fragreances are delightfully evocative. Inspired by the gardens of England Asquith & Somerset have hand picked choice blooms to create this overtly lavish range of products. The scents that define the English countryside have been captured and bottled for your indulgence. The Flower Fairy Bath Sets make wonderful gifts or can be used to pamper yourself!

1. Fairy Facts:
Did you know that with the coming of the Autumn Equinox, the veil between the fairy world and ours will be at its thinnest state again. This will be the best day of the Fall to see fairies! Prepare your fairy houses with sweet cakes and sweet milk offerings. Use a digital camera to take pictures. Digital cameras can capture pictures of fairies better than our eyes can see.