Friday, January 15, 2010

Happy Valentine's

Valentine's Day remembering is the hearts own way of holding loved ones close, and keeping us in touch with those who mean the most. Among life’s precious jewels, genuine and rare, the one that we call friendship has worth beyond compare.  Send a fairy this Valentine's Day with a message of love - to those by your side or to those miles apart - for fairy magic and good friends should always be close at heart!!  Wishing you everything that a Happy Valentine's Day, a happy heart, and all the joy a year can bring!
Valentine Fairies:

Winter Fairies

Whether in fairy art prints, fairy figurines, fairy stationary, fairy mouse pads or other items, winter fairies are here!  While humans snuggle in warm houses, winter fairies are busy outside helping nature tend to sleeping trees, spreading snow flakes, checking in on hybernating animals and playing with those who stay awake during the winter months.
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3. Fairy Facts

                                                     Winter Procession by David Delamare

3. Fairy Facts:

Snow Fairies bring on winter, encourage snow to fall and paint frost on our windowpanes. Have you seen them at your home? They can also be seen near winter woods, streams and lakes. Snow Fairies take on different appearance depending on what your country's environment is like. Some sightings tell of very small winged beings dressed in white, while others sighting tell of seeing translucent winged beings that look like sparkly lights dancing around the falling snow. Captivating hearts for centuries, Snow Fairy stories have found themselves into common folk lore such as The Snow Queen by Danish story writer Hans Christian Andersen and the Snow Maiden Opera from Russia. Beautiful winter fairy and snow fairy art pieces have been created and are available in prints and figurines for your magical enjoyment.