Monday, August 31, 2009

We now have a new line of Fairy Figurines made up of, The Dream Fairies and the Night Fairies. With wonderful attention to detail, these figurines range from 9" high to 5" high and have detachable metal wings. There are a total of eight in this new line of Fairy figurines. Many Night Fairies have wings that glow at night!

What are Dream Fairies? "We are the Night Fairies. During the day we fall into a deep sleep and are recharged thanks to the sun rays. They give us the power and energy to stand by the human beings when facing every day problems. When night falls over the earth and the sky, we wake up to fulfill our duties. Our magic is set free with moon and star light which leaves our wonderful wings and body. Only during the quiet of the night can we listed to the hearts of the people, and when they sleep, we can listed to their wishes, dreams, doubts and thoughts. It's our duty to accompany and help people, so they can realize their dreams."

Just arrived at are the new line of My Little Kitchen Fairies.The include five new darling holiday fairies for this years end set. They are all available now for ordering so, get them while they last... they sell very fast! The new Kitchen Fairies include: Spooky Halloween Moon Fairie, Little Pilgrm Fairies, Jingle Bell Shelf Sitter Fairie, Helpful Hliday Fairies and Snowy Hugs Fairie.

Flower Fairy Bath Sets
New to are the new line of Flower Fairy Bath Sets. There are 6 new beautiful sets in all with the Flower Fairies art work adorning all the packaging, both on the outside and inside of the boxes. These beautiful new fragreances are delightfully evocative. Inspired by the gardens of England Asquith & Somerset have hand picked choice blooms to create this overtly lavish range of products. The scents that define the English countryside have been captured and bottled for your indulgence. The Flower Fairy Bath Sets make wonderful gifts or can be used to pamper yourself!

1. Fairy Facts:
Did you know that with the coming of the Autumn Equinox, the veil between the fairy world and ours will be at its thinnest state again. This will be the best day of the Fall to see fairies! Prepare your fairy houses with sweet cakes and sweet milk offerings. Use a digital camera to take pictures. Digital cameras can capture pictures of fairies better than our eyes can see.